Future your Cloud HR & Payroll

With cloud-based Software and services for an increasingly complicated & regulated world.

Out of the box, cloud-based payroll & HCM software

Leave legacy payroll procedures in the past with an intuitive and modern software solution. Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with simplified data capturing. Embedded legislation ensures continuous compliance and an accurate payroll, with no action required from you. Don’t just work from home – work anytime and from anywhere, with multi-device access.

By handling the entire lifecycle process of any employee, PaySpace human resource solutions provide a centralised and cohesive human resource solution to managing an organisation’s workforce.

Payspace Cloud HR and Payroll

Why is it so great?

Always Accessible, Continuous Compliance & Reclaim Your Time.

Employee Self-service

Employee and manager self-service functionality allows users to apply, capture, view, authorise and initiate tasks.

Leave Management

Make sure that staff don’t all take leave on the same days and record the various dates in the company’s payroll system.

Business Process Flow

Delivering and enabling best practice people management, consistently is what all senior executives want.

Organisation & Position Management

Accurately model your company structures as well as provide information based on an organisational dimension.

Perfomance & Incident Management

Ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round.

Succession & Talent Management

Give timing of the promotion, their risk of leaving and their possible reason for wanting to leave when appraising an employee.

Workforce Planning

Managers are able to provide insight to executive management based on different scenarios.

Training & Skills Management

The module allows a client to track what training was planned, attended and completed for its workforce.

Cloud Analytics (Add-on)

Design reports that are relevant to your business’s unique requirements providing users with reliable business-critical info.

Innovate Today and transform your Business

Enabling World-class Decisions

Accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. Centrax's Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent.

  • Optimise Costs

  • Achieve complete visibility

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Manage Risk and Compliance

Our Services

Centrax ensures operational reliability, cloud enablement and enhance customer lifetime value.

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

We work across all IT dimensions – from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps and creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation.

Data Migration

Migration Solution

We re-engineer business strategies for businesses to conform to present and future needs.

Strategy Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

Re-engineering, business strategies, around the drivers of today and the future of business.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We enable enterprises, to address the need to become fast, innovative, in their response to digital disruption.

Enterprise Industry

Enterprise Architecture

Pro actively and holistically identify and analyse the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes.

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