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Helping e-commerce advertisers to create a frictionless, streamlined journey from the point of viewing an ad right through to purchasing the product.

ShoppableTV ADS

Shoppable TV

ShoppableTV is a new, seamless shopping experience that gives viewers the opportunity to purchase products within the environment of their favorite TV show. This new capability redefines the purchase funnel for consumers, and allows viewers to shop in new, innovative ways. With ShoppableTV transcending the legacy business practices of television and driving business outcomes by creating an on-air real-time commerce experience.
By pairing brands with our premium content, owning every stage of the purchase funnel and removing the barriers consumers traditionally encounter between seeing a product and making a purchase.

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Content and Commercial Innovation

ShoppableTV is available across the entire NBCU portfolio for both in-show integrations and through custom content that surrounds contextually relevant programming.

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How it Works?

Combines the engagement of TV with the immediacy of mobile commerce.

Our Services

Ways one platform can help your brand improve its ad performance.

ShoppableTV ADS Collapsing the Funnel

Collapsing the Funnel

We unite content and commerce in strategic ways to seamlessly enable consumers shopping.

ShoppableTV ADS Connecting Brands and Fans

Connecting Brands and Fans

We leverage the influence of our unmatched talent for partnership opportunities that make a real impact on viewers.

ShoppableTV ADS Maximizing Brand Presence

Maximizing Brand Presence

we develop breakthrough content that have driven +35% lift in brand memorability, +31% in ad likeability.

ShoppableTV ADS Contextual Relevance

Contextual Relevance

Authentically weaving brand creativity into our innovations with sensory experiences.

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