Records Management

Digitize your enterprise-wide, mission-critical documents and electronic records

Unified EDRMS platform

Our EDRMS software will manage the end-to-end content lifecycle, from creation to disposal, to ensure effective service delivery and public accountability. Capture, process, and view various content types, including physical paper documents, e-mails, and social media posts. Software solution that will streamline your physical paper records and digital records by leveraging the application’s key features, including multi-channel content capture, compliant records management functionality, secure archival, version management, and faster retrieval..

Newgen Software Newgen One

NewgenONE Records Management System

NewgenONE records management system enables end-to-end management of enterprise records, from creation, maintenance, and usage to disposition. It helps improve accountability of physical and electronic records by maintaining their authenticity, reliability, and integrity. By leveraging the system, enterprises can excel audits and meet compliance goals for legal and regulatory requirements such as DoD 5015.02, VERS, ISO 16175 1 & 2, ISO 15489, and NRAA Oman.

Application Development

Centralized Enterprise Content Management

Centralized repository with online accessibility and comprehensive search features

Integrated social media engine for capturing, monitoring, and archiving social content and customer interactions


Comprehensive Content Search and Retrieval

Comprehensive search features for file plan and records, based on general content properties, including date, range, and metadata fields

Integrated systems for faster information retrieval

Agile DevOps

Streamlined Information Management and Access

Online self-service portal to provide easy information access to customers

Simple user interface for end-users to add and index documents, search a record, share information, and ask for a physical copy

Data Migration Analysis

Unified, Platform-based EDRMS System

Extensible platform for integrations with business systems and disparate IT infrastructure, reducing data redundancies, delays, and duplication of information

Expansive integration frameworks for interoperability of systems and agencies

Maintenance Support

Data Security and Integrity

Comprehensive records lifecycle management for long-term storage of content, retention, and preservation rules for records

Rights-based access and encrypted storage to ensure information security

Modifications not allowed in documents marked as ‘records’ to maintain data integrity

Strategy Consulting

Compliance and Risk Management

ISO Certified and Compliant with DOD 50515.02, VERS, and National Archives and Records Administration records management

Extensive workflow audit trails and robust permissions and policy-based security to reduce risk

Compliance through automation and other business processes to meet regulatory requirements


Define and Enforce Records Classification, Retention, and Disposition Policies

NewgenONE platform provides a workspace for record managers that enables them to streamline the record lifecycle—classify, process, and retrieve records and perform various other operations. It enables rule-based governance of storage and destruction of records per organizational requirements. Furthermore, it facilitates record security, reports generation, and seamless integration with third-party systems while allowing enterprises to control their records through various configuration options.


Newgen Solutions

Automate thousands of processes enterprise wide and gain formidable competitive edge with rapid innovation.

IT Financial Management

Supply Chain

Automate supply chain management for efficient and agile operations. Streamline end-to-end processes and collaborate better with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners.
Intelligence Automation

Financial Institutions

Enable connected banking with our financial services-specific solutions, built on NewgenONE low code digital transformation platform.
Data BackUp and Migration


Streamline and centralize your key business functions, including customer onboarding, claims processing, underwriting, and policy administration with our low code-based insurance-specific applications, built on NewgenONE low code digital transformation platform.

Government Organizations

Extend agile citizen services, enhance citizen engagement, optimize workforce collaboration, and roll out government schemes more efficiently using our government-specific applications, built on a robust digital automation platform with low code capability.

Energy and Utilities Sector

Simplify plant and facility management, administrative tasks, and shared services processes, while effectively managing the content lifecycle.


Transform your healthcare payer processes and keep up with the needs and expectations of your members and providers. Streamline and future-proof your key processes, including appeals and grievances, provider contracting, and mobile Medicare enrollment.