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Data Backup & Recovery, Offers Modern Data Protection Built for Modern Challenges.

Cloud Backup

Centrax has developed a distinctive approach to deliver management through its proven cloud management platform and skilled workforce. Our platform solutions delivers integrated functionality, monitoring, log analytics, change and issue resolution. We also enable integration of cloud with legacy IT landscape. Additionally, we provide a single window to view the health of IT resources in hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments. We have established partnerships with major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Veeam that helps us design tailor-made cloud solutions suited to cater to your every need.

Veeam Data BackUp Replication

What we offer

See how Centrax Systems services meet the needs of your business and industry, creating best customer experiences.

Backup & Modernisation

Get instant access to one of the most modern solutions on the market. This enables you to free tied up resources with the vast overhead of legacy data protection and focus them on the core innovation projects you need.

Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Migration of data remains the #1 barrier in slow cloud adoption. Movement of data is challenging, and current processes to manage and protect data are highly integrated into legacy solutions.

Data security & Compliance

Maintaining customer trust is a core priority. With the rise of cyber attacks, any breach can cause significant damage. Add in the immense pressure you are under to ensure governance and compliance..

Innovate Today and tranform your Business

Enabling World-class Decisions

Accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. Centrax’s Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent.

  • Optimise Costs

  • Achieve complete visibility

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Manage Risk and Compliance

Our Services

Centrax ensures operational reliability, cloud enablement and enhance customer lifetime value.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing

Centrax's business consulting assists in developing and deploying strategies for enterprises to be fully digitally transformed.

Data Backp and Recovery

Data BackUp

Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management. Provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data.

Application Development

Application Development

Assure scalable cloud adoption by putting together foundational elements including system and network design, cloud security and migration of white label applications.

Data Migration Solutions

Migration Solution

We re-engineer business strategies for businesses to conform to present and future needs.

Data Modernisation

Data Modernisation

Enabling businesses to adjust to the digital disruption; making businesses become fast and innovative.

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