Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly's employee scheduling software and Temporary Staffing.

Zoho Workerly

The digital temp staffing management platform

Zoho Workerly's employee scheduling software enables agencies to manage their client and temp database, schedule jobs based on client requirements, generate timesheets, and send out invoices all within a single interface.

Zoho Workerly's AI-powered search automatically matches a list of temps to a job based on given criteria, saving you the time normally spent on finding candidates for your client. You can then place temps faster by communicating better with both the candidates and clients through effective communication.


A Permanent Solution for Temporary Staffing

Zoho Workerly's employee scheduling software, enables agents to assign the right jobs to temps, fill clients requirements and send out invoices.


For Temporary workforce

Built to simplify and speed up hiring processes within temp agencies, Zoho Workerly ensures conflict-free scheduling faster time-sheet management and invoice generation


Temps for Long-term

De-clutter your database with a clean and simple view of your temps, their professional details and skill set. Profile your temps with custom dashboards to plan your future jobs.


Scheduling Sans Chaos

Effortless and conflict-free scheduling is easy when you have an organized and a complete view of all your temps, clients and jobs in one place. Also the Advanced Search helps speed up the process.



Create them, copy them, clone them: Do just about anything with your timesheets, across your temps and jobs. Send them to your clients via several communication channels for approval.


Faster Payments

Generating invoices as and when a job is completed will ensure timely payment of your temps and also faster completion of jobs. Enter your client details, select the respective job, and you're set.


Get real-time Insights

Strategize your process with a set of pre-bundled reports and dashboards. Measure the performance of your agents, the progress of your assigned jobs, pending jobs and more to measure and fine-tune your existing strategies.

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