Zoho Social

Bring together the reach of social media and the resourcefulness of a digital assistant.

Zoho Social

Simplify Branding

Social media marketing which was an endless list of manual tasks—from publishing branded content on LinkedIn, to posting Instagram promos—is now a single interface activity thanks to the birth of these 'social media tools' that do the job for you effectively.

Brand manager or solopreneur, a social media tool finds its functionality in your life as long as you have looked at social media as a place to extract business value. From carrying out market research, managing your content calendar, right down to churning relevant and in-depth reports - a social media tool goes a long way in adding value to the business hours you spend on any social network.


Benefits of Social Media Tools

While the demographics are quite literally a mixed bag, we can zone-in on a few segments of people who can be greatly benefited with the use of a tool designed for powering social media projects.


Discovering who your core audience are

Social media tools help isolate not just the trends, but also key demographics relevant to your business and learn more about their interests. It is also helps brands discern if 'vanity metrics'—likes, shares and re-tweets that look good on the page—are adding the right value to your business.


Uncovering high-traffic hours for your brand

The idea tool understands your specific audience and their online patterns‐using this it guides you to the best window of time to post your content, for getting the visibility that your brand needs.


Using analytics to guide your marketing decisions

With a social media tool, you can measure only what matters to your brand and build customized reports to study your growth on social media and share it with your team. Because learning where your marketing strengths lie is just as important as knowing the challenges out there.

Our Approach on Zoho EBS Practice:

Technology based Business Optimisation:

We help optimise your business through lowered Total Cost of Ownership and increased value of customer IT investment. We offer technology based business optimisation on Business Suite of Applications and Integrations.

End-to-end Service Capability:

From blue printing, rollouts, application development, and maintenance to configurations, customization and data integrations, we equip our teams to bring you the best value.

  • Advisory Services

    Product Evaluation, Assessment, Environment Consolidation, Application Optimization


  • End-to-End Implementation

    Solutioning, Application Based Process, Re-engineering, Configuration & Customization


  • Migration & Integration

    Pre-migration Strategy, Evaluation/Analysis, Implementation, After Process Support


  • Innovative AMS

    Lights on Support, Enhancement, Upgrade Accelerator, Services