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About Centrax

Centrax Systems is a technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises combine scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage.

A digital company established in 2006, we provide businesses with transformational change at a scale and speed that defies traditional ways of working. Based on our culture of innovation engineering applied to digital, we deliver significant value and better results.

Centrax Careers Centrax Careers

Inject success in the company by finding and placing the excellent candidates in the relevant fields

Centrax Careers

We believe in networking

We know matching candidate requirements with skills is important, but we also know how critical it is to connect candidates with the right company culture and values.

Centrax Careers

Your new job starts right here

Centrax understands the importance of a job in a person’s life and we have always been passionate about supporting people and organizations realize their true potential.

Centrax Careers

Flexible Opportunities

We offer contract, contract-to-permanent or permanent positions. The flexibility of our placement options lets you address short-term needs, try out a position or immediately become a permanent employee.

Helping you find the best candidate

We work with you to define the important aspects of the position that needs to be filled. This forms the basis of all our recruitment efforts, care must be taken from both sides to make the resulting profile as accurate as possible without at the same time making it too limiting.

Centrax Careers

Allow us to help you attract talent that matches your Job Specifications.

  • Employers / Hirers

  • Permanent Job

  • Contractors

  • Freelancers

Defining important aspects of the positions needing to be filled

We are holding your hand through the process, As this cultivates the foundation of all our further efforts. Care must be taken from both sides, Employers and Job seekers to make the resulting recruitment profile or process as accurate as possible while not limiting.

Centrax Careers